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Allows any mixins that work on mods to work effortlessly on 1.8 - 1.12.2

For Developers

  • Add CleanroomMC's repository and depend on MixinBooter's maven entry:
repositories {
    maven {
        url ''

dependencies {

    // Common:
    annotationProcessor 'org.ow2.asm:asm-debug-all:5.2'
    annotationProcessor ''
    annotationProcessor ''

    // ForgeGradle:
    implementation ('zone.rong:mixinbooter:9.1') {
        transitive = false
    annotationProcessor ('zone.rong:mixinbooter:9.1') {
        transitive = false

    // RetroFuturaGradle:
    String mixinBooter = modUtils.enableMixins('zone.rong:mixinbooter:9.1')
    // modUtils.enableMixins('zone.rong:mixinbooter:9.1', 'mod_id.mixins.refmap.json') << add refmap name as 2nd arg (optional)
    api (mixinBooter) {
        transitive = false
    annotationProcessor (mixinBooter) {
        transitive = false


  • As of 4.2, MixinBooter's API has changed and all mods that uses mixins are encouraged to depend on MixinBooter, even those that mixin into vanilla/forge/library classes. To avoid mixin version mismatches with mods crashing trying to implement modded mixins (looking at you VanillaFix). Thanks to @embeddedt recommending and helping me introduce this change!

  • As of 5.0, MixinExtras by @LlamaLad7 is shaded. Available for developers to use.

  • As of 8.0, MixinBooter will now work from 1.8 - 1.12.2. One single build works with all these versions! (TODO: LiteLoader support?)

  • As of 8.4, MixinBooter actively attempts to be compatible with SpongeForge


  • Consult IEarlyMixinLoader for mixins that affects vanilla, forge, or any classes that is passed to the classloader extremely early (e.g. Guava).
  • Consult ILateMixinLoader for mixins that affects mods.
  • @MixinLoader annotation is, as of 4.2, deprecated. The functionality is akin to ILateMixinLoader.

About log readability

Because of Mixin and Bytecode intricacies, MixinBooter tries to allow both the developers and the users to understand crashes and logs better, but it is still being improved on. Please direct any feedback here!

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