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Themes can only be registered for GUIs made with ModularUI.

Reloading themes

You can reload themes by either reloading resources (which is slow) or by running the /reloadThemes command.

For mod developers

Registering themes

First create a JsonBuilder instance (com.cleanroommc.modularui.utils.JsonBuilder). This will be your theme data. ModularUI will automatically parse the json. Next you need to register it. Make sure to do that before resource packs are loaded (that's when themes gets loaded and parsed). FMLPreInit works fine.

JsonBuilder myTheme = new JsonBuilder();
IThemeApi.get().registerTheme("mymodid:my_theme", myTheme);

It is not required to have the mod id in the name, but it will help identifying the theme. Multiple themes with the same name can be registered. Themes that are added later will override all properties of all previously registered themes.

You can edit the theme before and after you registered it. Just make sure it's before the themes are loaded. If you are unsure you can use the ReloadThemeEvent.Pre.

Applying a theme to a GUI

There are two ways to set a theme in a GUI.

  1. IThemeApi.get().registerThemeForScreen(String screenOwner, String mainPanelName, String themeName) This method can be used at any point. Registering another theme with the same screen name will overwrite the old one.
  2. When you create the screen: new ModularScreen(...).useTheme(String themeName)

If both methods are used, the first will always take priority.

Checkout this page to find out what properties you can add to the builder.

For resource packs

First create new file in your resource pack at assets/modularui/themes.json. You can replace modularui with any loaded mod id here. In this file you will define themes and where they are located as well as setting themes for GUIs.

Let's look at the themes.json file that is shipped with ModularUI.

  "vanilla": "modularui:vanilla",
  "vanilla_dark": "modularui:vanilla_dark",
  "screens": {
    "modularui:test": "vanilla_dark"

Registering themes

The first line is "vanilla": "modularui:vanilla". vanilla is the name of the theme and modularui:vanilla is the path to the theme file. This means the theme file for vanilla should be at assets/modularui/themes/vanilla.json. The next line defines a new theme with the name vanilla_dark with the theme file located at assets/modularui/themes/vanilla_dark.json.

Applying a theme to a GUI

Let's look at the next line: "screens": {}

Inside the curly brackets we can set themes for screens. The format is "screen_owner:main_panel_name": "theme_name". So in the example above modularui:test the full screen name and vanilla_dark is the theme name (which we defined before).

Checkout this page to find out how to write themes.

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