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A comprehensive scripting sandbox for Minecraft 1.12.2.

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GroovyScript can be downloaded on


  1. Groovy: a powerful and tested scripting language
    • Java-compatible syntax + interoperable code
    • Static compilation
    • Optional dynamic typing
    • Metaprogramming
  2. Sandboxed: scripts are effectively ran in a sandbox, with sensitive operations blacklisted from being called or referenced
  3. Reloading: able to test script changes within the game without restarting
    • Most if not all Forge Registry objects can be reloaded on the fly
    • Most mod registries are supported natively
  4. Events: Easily listen to Forge's EventBuses with Groovy Closures
  5. Familiarity: Bracket handlers for those that are familiar with CraftTweaker (currently implemented, may be removed in the near future)
  6. Informational: commands to display rich information for the item in your hand and more
  7. Optimized: Making sure no compromises are being made while delivering features with efficient code
  8. API: Great catalogue of code for other mod authors to make their mods compatible with GroovyScript such as package/class/method/field blacklists


Work In Progress

This Wiki is WIP. There is still a lot of info missing. We would appreciate any help to improve this place.

Thank you for using GroovyScript!

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