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Getting Started

Programming knowledge is not necessarily required, but it will help you a lot.

You will need a text editor. While any will do, we recommend using one of the ones listed in editors, as those have integrated support.

  1. Download Minecraft Forge 1.12.2 and install it
  2. Download the latest version of GroovyScript here and drop it into the mods folder
  3. Also install MixinBooter since GroovyScript depends on it
  4. Launch minecraft without adding any files
  5. GroovyScript will create several files

Groovy Log

The Groovy Log is where GroovyScript logs all of its information for separate use.

It is always located at [Minecraft instance path]/logs/groovy.log for clients and [Minecraft instance path]/logs/groovy_server.log for servers.

Run Config

The Run Config controls some settings and the load order of scripts.

Important Information

  1. Groovy scripts must end in .groovy, .gy, .gvy, or .gsh.
  2. Groovy scripts must be defined somehow in the run config to be executed
  3. The scripts and folders can have any name
  4. All scripts and the run config must be located in [Minecraft instance path]/groovy/

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