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Strings are a sequence of characters.

There are multiple ways to define a string and each does something different.

The most simple way is by using ''. In java these are used for chars. Here they create strings and don't do anything special.

A more advanced way is by using "". They allow you to use variables inside the literal.

The last way is by using \\. This is perfect for regex, because you don't need to escape any \.

def s = 'hello' // String
def s2 = "hello" // can use either '' or ""
assert s == s2 // both strings are equal

def num = 7
def numberOfDays = 'There are ' + num + ' days in a week' // using a variable inside the string with concatenation
def numberOfDays2 = "There are $num days in a week" // using a variable inside the string with $

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