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GroovyScript allows you to listen to any event which uses the forge event system. Here are listed all minecraft and forge events there are.


Events can be reloaded if they are registered in postInit

Let's see an example:


event_manager.listen { BreakEvent event ->'Block broken: {}', event.getState())

What is happening?

  • event_manager is a global variable where event listeners are registered (alternative name eventManager)
  • listen is a method which accepts a closure with the event class as the first parameter
  • BreakEvent event is the event being listened to. The type must be specified and imported here. ( See BreakEvent)
  • Inside the closure you can do what you want. Here the broken block state is printed to the log.

Other listen methods

event_manager.listen(EventPriority eventPriority, EventBusType eventBusType, Closure<?> eventListener)
event_manager.listen(EventBusType eventPriority, EventPriority eventBusType, Closure<?> eventListener)
event_manager.listen(EventBusType eventPriority, Closure<?> eventListener)
event_manager.listen(EventPriority eventPriority, Closure<?> eventListener)


  • EventPriority is the priority this listener takes compared to other listeners (from all mods). Valid values are

    • EventPriority.HIGHEST (executed first)
    • EventPriority.HIGH
    • EventPriority.NORMAL (default)
    • EventPriority.LOW
    • EventPriority.LOWEST (executed last)
  • EventBusType is the event bus where you want to register your listener. Valid values are

    • EventBusType.MAIN (default)
    • EventBusType.FORGE (currently unused)
    • EventBusType.ORE_GENERATION
  • Closure<?> eventListener is the method executed when the event is invoked.

Normally you don't need to chane any of those values.

Let's see an example using EventPriority:


event_manager.listen(EventPriority.HIGHEST) { BreakEvent event ->'Block broken: {}', event.getState())

Now it is very likely that our listener is executed before all other (not guaranteed). Note that we don't need to import EventPriority. It is auto imported.

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